Tandem Skydive Gift Card with Video OR Photos

Tandem Skydive Gift Card with Video OR Photos
  • Location: Coolangatta, Qld
  • Product code: TSGCVOP

Jump into Paradise with Gold Coast Skydive! 

Skydiving is known, for very good reason, as life's ultimate thrill. It's the big daddy, the adventure and rush by which all others are measured. Amazingly, the buzz of free fall is an easy and safe experience, especially during a tandem skydiving adventure. 

On the ground, you will meet your highly experienced tandem instructor who will get you geared up and ready for the tandem skydive. 

Your instructor will then give you a safety briefing. There are some important procedures to follow during your flight to altitude, exiting the aircraft, free fall, and landing which will make his job nice and easy.

Don’t worry if it’s your first time, Most of our customers are first-timers. Our instructors are highly qualified and jump out of planes every chance they get, some having done over 15,000 jumps. They will calm your nerves and make sure you are comfortable with everything before leaving for the airport.

Next, you will be driven to Gold Coast airport just a 5-minute drive away where you will board our Twin-engine Piper Chieftain aircraft or Cessna 182 ready for take off. On the 15-minute climb to an altitude of 12,000 feet, you will be able to take in the breath-taking scenery of the Gold Coast’s lush hinterland and golden coastline until you reach the “drop point”

Hanging over the edge of the plane, looking at the world below, hearing the engine of the plane revving along as your heart rate skyrockets will have you “feeling alive”!

When you exit the aircraft you will free fall at speeds of up to 220km/h with the ocean directly below you. It’s impossible to put the adrenaline punching 45 seconds into words but the feeling is supernatural!

Your instructor will open the parachute at approximately 5000ft. Coming off that extreme free fall high everything will slow down and you will be soaring through the air.

The parachute ride down to the beautiful Kirra Beach allows you to once again, take in the views of the entire Gold Coast from a different perspective before you land on the soft yellow sand.

Frequently asked questions

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Nothing more to pay on the day! Your Australian Parachute Federation (APF) fees are all included in our price.

*The minimum age to skydive is 16 years old

*There must be a 24-hour gap between your last scuba dive and your tandem skydive. You can skydive and then scuba dive however so if you'd like to do both, consider booking your jump first*

*If you are over 95kg select + 95kg as an extra when booking or call 07 5599 1920 if you have any questions

Please note if there are not enough participants for the time you have booked we may have to move your booking to an alternate time. We do this to reduce our carbon footprint on the environment.